Additional Information About Our Composting Toilet Systems

Information and resources to help you research composting toilet systems. Feel free to contact us with specific questions.

More About Our Composting Toilet Systems

The unique Swedish design liquid separator and composting toilet design has had over 40 years constant use in Europe.

Apart from the unique separator, the rest of the system is made in New Zealand from recyclable polyethylene and stainless steel, guaranteeing years of trouble-free use with very little maintenance.


The Bio Chamber is made from recyclable polyethylene plastic and stainless steel for the inner frame.


Since everything is made out of plastic; the estimated life span of the Bio Chamber is at least 50 years.


When the Enviro Composting Toilet system is installed it requires minimal maintenance, keep in mind however, that you take a look on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the model.

Multiple users have a history of trouble-free operation and excellent composting using the Enviro systems. We estimate the time between emptying the Bio Chamber to be around: 12-24 months, depending on climate and usage.

Power Consumption

None for the Aquatron composting toilet system, unless your site means you need a pump.

The Farmstyle waterless compost toilet system requires electricity or solar to run the small fan. Unit is supplied with complete solar setup. Some installs do not require the fan set up – this is site specific.

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